Using Images on Your Website

green leaves at daytime

Whenever you add an image to a page or post on your WordPress website it is stored inside a folder called the “Media Library”. In the library, you can find all the images that you’ve used, and you can even add images there that you might use someday so you always have something to choose…

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Customize Your Website Colors

flat lay photography of purple and red leaves

Your WordPress theme “Customizer” panel allows you to change the colors for links and buttons across the entire website, without needing to go through each page making adjustments. Keep in mind though – other parts of your pages, such as row backgrounds, are still adjusted inside the page builder itself, and the page builder allows…

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Customize Your Fonts (Headings and Text)

flat-lay photography of stamp lot

WordPress makes it easy to make changes to the fonts for both headings and text – and this quick tutorial explains how to use headings, and provides instructions for customizing your headings and text across your entire website. I recommend you make adjustments right on this page, while looking at the sample text below, so…

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